why do all the good rps die out?like seriously some of you older bunnyracers must be thinking the same thing like howcome when all the good rps are made its always them that die off and then that just leaves the the medium rps to RP in and you can't really let your talent shine through beecause of the strict rules. 

If you guys want to contact me more directly my Snapchat is marshallt3814
Name: Marshall 
Age: 18
Crush: none
Status: single 
Mood: good
sexual orientation straight

hey guys don't ask how my life is cause I wanna live 
PREVIOUS ACCOUNTS Reddeath,puppies122,Rhydian,Rhydian0,Rhydian#,and Bluedeath
Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I would appreciate it if u join my roleplays Forest 2.0 knights of the round table
FAVORITE BANDS(at the moment): Attaboy(listen to them!!!), 21 pilots, you and me at six, BVB FIR five finger death punch
I'm an OG bunnyrace player now I haven't been very active but I was here for when it started and it wasn't popular than I was here for when it was very popular now I'm here for whe  it's unpopular again so yeah loll.


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