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Name: Fire or Desi 

 Nicknames: Fire, Smol, Maka 

Age: 18

Sexuality: pan

 Status: Taken 

other socials: 

Insta- littlebeancos

TikTok/Musically- littlebeancos

my old cat whom I miss 

My Bubba... god why didn't I say goodbye.. luv you and already miss you.. I cant sleep knowing I didn't tell you how much I love you or how im greatful that you saved me so many times.. you helped me stay strong.. luv you smokey.. promise to watch over us from up there.. I know not to cry cause you left. but to smile cause you loved us.. I cant help it.. miss you and will try to stay strong for you.. those are the words I couldn't say that day.. I hate myself for it.. but I know you know I love you.. miss ya smoke.. 2004-2014 R.I.P smokey..


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