Dear players

BunnyRace is a place where young and old meet to have fun in a good mood. Each player must behave well so that the community benefits quietly.


Here are the rules that apply to the forum, chat and mail :
  • We speak politely, we are nice and we always respect other players
  • We avoid off-topic as well as post to say nothing
  • SMS language and uppercase sentences are forbidden
  • Efforts must be made to limit spelling errors
  • We don't write many messages as a result
  • We never ask other players codes to get rubies
  • Unnecessary posts for players and advertisements are forbidden
  • Channels, announcements and all messages in bulk are forbidden.

Multi accounts

You can create many accounts from the same computer in the case of a family or a school for example. But to avoid cheating, you will not be able to participate in the same auctions at the flea market and the pet shop from these accounts.

People who use the same connection as you do not bring you gifts.

When an account doesn't respect the rules all accounts using the same computer may result in penalties until the accounts are closed.

The passwords

You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password. We recommend that you have a good password and never give it to anyone. If someone finds out and degrades your account, BunnyRace can't help you.


It's forbidden to transfer objects, rabbits, coins and rubies between different accounts through auctions. Any sale must be made to a adapted price, and musn't reserved for a specific person


If you do not comply with these rules, the following sanctions may apply :
  • Temporarily blocking access to the forum, chat and mail
  • Temporarily blocking access to auctions
  • Temporarily blocking to your account
  • Remove of objects, rabbits, coins and rubies
  • Closing of your account
  • Complete blocking of an internet connection

Good Game !

Polite and honest players will always be well received on BunnyRace.

Have fun !