Hey my friends! I'm Claudia, I'm in seventh grade, and I'm rarely on BunnyRace because my life is very... Dramatic I suppose you would say. So, as I have said, I'm rarely on, so if I reply to any message sent months later, please know it is not personal. Alright, well, I guess you'd like to know some more about me for starting a conversation with me.

  1. I'm a theatre/choir/band kid, or at least I try.
  2. I'm bad at most things I do
  3. I've liked the same guy for almost two years now, so you can't swoop in and try to change that
  4. I was homeschooled until sixth grade
  5. I have a close-knit, lovely friendgroup in real life, of about 12
  6. I try to be straight-forward so usually if I don't like you, you'll know. I won't be fake
  7. I'm considered very pretty by many around me
  8. I've never had a legitimate boyfriend, although I've had two on BunnyRace(I see you Blaze)
  9. I'm not allowed to wear makeup until I'm 13, which is about two months away from today(12/8/16)
  10. I've been a christian all my life and I am open to discussion, if it's polite
  11. I'm a democrat even though my parents are(please don't talk politics with me)
  12. I have played soccer since I was, like, three
  13. I'm very accepting of everyone of different shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, gender, and sexual orientation
  14. I've played BunnyRace for about three years, and started this account almost two years ago exactly
  15. I'm pretty funny but I can also be very gloomy
  16. I don't play Pokemon anymore just for the record 

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