F-630.38 feminin objet/magie/pigmentalo.png

Speed: 241 +16 / 241,55
Acceleration: 189 +16 / 189,35
Stamina 199 +25 / 199,48
Major racer (423)



Hello F-630.38, can you tell us a little about yourself?
- I am a female bunny (doe) I don't like eating too much.

How do you feel about digging bunny holes?
- I'd rather not use my claws for digging

And what about grass? Do you like it?
- I suppose grass isn't bad, but fruit tastes so much better.

Thanks, that was F-630.38 live on BunnyRace TV

Racing history

etoile-bleuetoile-bleu 57,99 sec 3nd piece 25 see again March 2019
etoileetoileetoile 14,57 sec 3nd piece 15 see again January 2019
etoile-bleu 14,30 sec 1st piece 40 see again January 2019
etoile-bleuetoile-bleuetoile-bleu 90,48 sec 4nd piece 18 see again January 2019
Bred by: bunnylove029
Gender and age: feminin 3 years
Breed: Angora
Lineage: Aesthetic I
Birth: January 6
Original color : Blue
Potential: 630,38 (89,80%)
Weight: 3 kg
Status: in the pen
Parents: M-628.97 and coconut