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and I will be more than happy to accept any friend requests! And I am also more than happy to chat with you when I am online! To know about me, scroll to the bottom^.^

Happy New Year!!

Best: 103nd with 1 596 points on 6/1/14

niveau/6 Level 6 quests

heure Reach level 30 in a profession

heure Find 9 nuggets during the race 7 / 9

ok Being in the first 1000 ranking

ok Buy 5 objects now

rechargerheure Have 3 skilled bunnies (700 experience)

ok Sell necklaces to Irma for 3 coins

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Whoa Baby



I need help with the quests on level 6 haha! And does anyone know of seeds that harvest in two days or less? I really need to know! Thanks


I can offer crocodile scales, pile of coals, uhm... I dunno, I have a lot of random objects that I don't need, feel free to ask. I will sell them at the cheapest price! Maybe I'll sell Sparkle (my bunny) if you want :)



Kajsa! She's an amazing person to me, she's my meant-to-be BFF and we've been friends since first-grade!


More friends:

Kastanje, a friend of my BFF, if i see Kajsa again, hopefully I might get to meet you :) You're friendly and enjoyable to talk to :)

Johna2756 or to me known as Jo! You're cool and funny and a great member of our clan! =D

Melanie, so glad to have you in our clan! You're really sweet and I enjoy talking to you :)

Katkrazy thank you for your consistent update about the story you're writing; still wishing you luck with it and as far as I heard, you're doing good ;)

catgirl123.... FREE COMPUTERS ;P haha! Our conversations are funny and great! haha ;)

About me:

Favourite colur: Purple

Favourite actor/actress: Bridgit Mendler

Favourite singer: Bridgit Mendler

Favourite animals: Squirrels, Bunnies, Horses and Birds

Favourite country: Singapore

BFF: Kajsa! She's an amazing person to me, she's my meant-to-be BFF and we've been friends since first-grade!

I also play guitar for four years! Loving it! :D


Don't become a gardener!! I am and I can't change it... Just now I got some credentials after finishing the growth of these clover plants in my garden (it took three long days) and then today when I wanted to complete a formula using the credentials, it said it got RUINED so basically nothing was made and now I have to wait another three days for new credentials and I have to buy a new (writing) pen (which was part of the formula as well..) ARGHH!!!


luvbunny101 niveau/6

750nd with 477 points

piece-petit 3 940 coins

157 active days

Registered march 14 2013

Last connection october 2 2016

jardinier Gardener 8 ecusson 7 clan wins
experience 140 trophy points

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