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by Spira june 4

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June 4
I’ve noticed some of y’all like to draw. Myself included. So I figured we could share our drawings and comment on others’ here. It might be nice to share work with each other and get to see other people’s art style. Everyone with any skill level is welcome to share their art, so please be nice about it. Constructive criticism only. Thanks and I’m excited to see what y’all got. I’ll start?
http://imgur.com/IiqWP19 This isn’t my character, it was for a character trade.
http://imgur.com/KXADrU1 My persona. I plan on making a summer outfit, bc a sweatshirt and leggings aren’t really June clothes lol
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June 7
I really like the first one! The colors are so pretty and it looks really creative!! smiley/fiere.png
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June 8
Thank you!! smiley/dents.png
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