genetique PSable-꒰ა♡໒꒱ masculin

Speed: 330 -1 / 330,00
Acceleration: 372 +4 / 372,58
Stamina 320 +31 / 320,19
Major racer (650)



Hello PSable-꒰ა♡໒꒱, can you tell us a little about yourself?
- I am a male bunny (buck) I'm pretty easy to feed.

How do you feel about digging bunny holes?
- I spend a lot of time digging bunny holes.

And what about grass? Do you like it?
- I suppose grass isn't bad, but fruit tastes so much better.

Thanks, that was PSable-꒰ა♡໒꒱ live on BunnyRace TV

Racing history

etoile 10.31 sec 4nd piece 3 see again October 15
etoile 7.7 sec 2nd piece 7 see again October 15
Bred by: penny
Gender and age: masculin 4 years and 7 months
Breed: Panda Sablé
Lineage: None
Birth: October 8
Original color : Orange
Potential: 1 022,77 (98,13%)
Weight: 2.82 kg
Status: in the pen
Parents: ꒰ა♡໒꒱ and ꒰ა♡໒꒱