Sally feminin

Speed: 71 -1 / 71,38
Acceleration: 40 +3 / 40,03
Stamina 49 +3 / 49,89
etoileetoile plus
Trotter (45)



Hello Sally, can you tell us a little about yourself?
- I am a female bunny (doe) don't care too much about how I smell, I don't like being bothered, I don't like eating too much.

How do you feel about digging bunny holes?
- I spend a lot of time digging bunny holes.

And what about grass? Do you like it?
- I suppose grass isn't bad, but fruit tastes so much better.

Thanks, that was Sally live on BunnyRace TV

Racing history

etoileetoile 22,53 sec 1st piece 20 see again June 2020
etoile 12,92 sec 1st piece 10 see again June 2020
etoile 14,34 sec 1st piece 10 see again May 2020
etoile 13,71 sec 1st piece 10 see again May 2020
etoile 15,82 sec 2nd piece 7 see again May 2020
Bred by: a stranger
Gender and age: feminin 1 year and 10 months
Breed: Bélier Teddy
Lineage: None
Birth: May 6 2020
Original color : Orange
Potential: 161,30 (16,41%)
Weight: 2.96 kg
Status: in the pen
Parents: Zuzu and Dezzi