Cutie feminin objet/magie/pigmentalo.png objet/magie/boost-competence.png objet/magie/trefle-or.png objet/magie/immortel.png

Speed: 67 +15 / 67,52
Acceleration: 92 +38 / 92,23
Stamina 80 +21 / 80,97
etoileetoileetoile demi-moins
Well, we've never seen that before! (2287)



Hello Cutie, can you tell us a little about yourself?
- I am a female bunny (doe) don't care too much about how I smell, I don't like eating too much.

How do you feel about digging bunny holes?
- I'd rather not use my claws for digging

And what about grass? Do you like it?
- I always eat up all my greens. It's good for my digestion.

Thanks, that was Cutie live on BunnyRace TV

Racing history

etoileetoileetoile 28.5 sec 2nd piece 21 see again June 2018
etoileetoileetoile 32.73 sec 4nd piece 9 see again June 2018
etoileetoileetoile 32.99 sec 3nd piece 15 see again June 2018
etoile 12.13 sec 1st piece 10 see again June 2018
etoileetoileetoile 25.44 sec 1st piece 30 see again June 2018
Bred by: Concha
Gender and age: feminin 49 years and 8 months
Breed: Lop-eared
Lineage: None
Birth: March 6 2016
Original color : Green
Potential: 240,72 (22,80%)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Status: in the pen
Parents: Unknown and Unknown