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Favorite Band/Artist: Eminem-"Soldier" "Till I collapse" "Fight Music" "When the Music Stops" "Rap God" "Survival" "My Band" "Hellbound" "One Shot Two Shot" "40 oz" "White America" "Like toy soldiers" "Mocking Bird" "Wicked Ways"
Favorite Color: Green
My rping characters;  NOES COPIES I WATCHINGSS
Name : Eeriestar
Gender : Male
Age : 7 years
Looks : Dark Grey with white "socks" up to his knees and a white belly and speckled silver snout.
Scent : blood
Mum : Dead, Unknown
Da : Dead, Unknown
Sibblings : Dead, Unknown
Other Realtives : Dead, Unknown
Rank : Hunter
Mate/Crush/Pups : Yet to be decided
History : Found alone and starved in the woods, no one knows where he came from.
Personality : Mean, protective
Other : Scar from right eyebrow to cheek
Faults : short tempered, stubborn, brave, frightens the pups, moody, easily startled
Advantages : Loyal, protective, brave, smart, tough,
Pack : Shadow Pack
Strength: 9/10
Swimming: 10/10
Running: 6/10
Tracking: 6/10
Climbing: 2/10
Thinking: 8/10
Loyalty: 9/10
Health: 8/10

Name : Ratfoot
Age : 56 moons
Gender : male
Fur Color : dark grey pelt with black rings along his tail and a white belly
Eye Color : green
Other Looks : small nose, long whiskers
Rank : warrior
Skills : tree climbing, swimming, digging
Bio : lived alone for years in a marsh with the frogs where he learned to hunt birds and swim. His parents died a long time ago.
Other : tough and mean

Name: Heatherleg
Age (moons please) 15
Gender: F
Looks: Ginger with a brown nose and ears
Kin: Spiritwish
Rank: Hunter
Personality: Nice, sweet, forgiving, loyal, trustworthy
Clan: (Sandclan or Nightclan) Sandclan
Crush: ?
Kits: No
Past: Found a new home in Sandclan after her parents were killed or at least they were separated
Other: Hates water

Name: Spiritwish
Ages (moons please) 19
Gender: M
Looks: Dark grey with white ears and a white-tipped tail with big badger claw scars down his right flank.
Kin: Heatherleg
Rank: Hunter
Personality: Dark, brooding, evil, murderous, backstabbing
Clan: (Sandclan or Nightclan) Nightclan
Crush: ?
Kits: Dead
Past: Both him and his sister were washed onto the sandy river banks after their old home was flooded. They were separated from their parents and he lived a while among Sandclan. His mate and kits died and he turn dark and brooding and joined Nightclan
Other: Good at swimming

Name Crookedlight
Age 29
Looks 100% black
Gender male
Rank ( scout, alpha, beta, hunter, warrior med ect. ) hunter and warrior
Skills/Abilities swimming, climbing, tracking, 
Other missing tip of his tail

Name: Pebbletoe
Gender: M
Rank: Hunter-fighter
Age: 5
Family: (Pups, Mates, Siblings, etc.): None, all hunted
Appearance: White belly, broad shoulders, and a grey snout. The rest of him is tricorn black.
Personality: Mean, loyal, tough, angry with humans
Skills: swimming, digging, tracking
Other: torn left ear where a bullet scraped it.

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