I want to tell you a little bit about me. I love to read, I would much rather do that than watch tv, listen to music or even go shopping (witch are all things i like to do!). The Outsiders and The Giver are the best older books ever written. My favorite animal is a cat [Savannah cats and house cats] and im a big animal lover[STOP ANIMAL ABUSE]. I like Rihanna, Lady GaGa, and Katie Parry. My favorit food is stake but i looooove deserts. Also I love to draw(Im not to good at it but i love it wich is what counts the most.) I have a dog, a cat and im an only child. I love the colors lime green and ice blue but not together. My favorit creepy movies are Seven, The Sixth Sense, and Silence of the Lambs(Not that i'v watched many creepy movies, im more of a cartoon/Disney movies kinda gal). I want to make it to 200 likes so pleas click on 'i like this profile' and send me a friend request. Thanks! P.S pleas don't copy my profile and if you want one of my pictures pleas ask before copying one.

I Love Mini Schnauzers!!

(Thats the typ of dog i have!)

english bull terrier animationenglish bull terrier animationenglish bull terrier animation



I love taylor lautner and im a big fan of the twilight books and movies except for the first book/movie it stinks. Im team Jacob!



Breaking Dawn Part 2!! Woo!!



I love Avatar the last air bender to, it's my absalout favorit cartoon TV show,there is a second shorter TV show that is kind of a sequel to avatar [It's ok but Avatar is better] It's called The Legend of Korra.

Avatar State!!


You can wach avatar on Nickeloden, netflix, and you can by epesods from the app store if you have an i pod, i pad, exc.

         Kya, Bumi, and Tenzen-Katara and Aang's kids!



                                                                                                                                  gif animator

             Toph! Earth bender!






ABDC or America's Best Dance Crew is my favorit peolpe TV show. D-trix is one of the best B boys in the world and is the best judge on the show. Also he competed in season 3 with Quest Crew and won first place.QUEST CREW 4 EVER!! On season 7 I love 8 Flavahz, they are my second favorit crew!! If you want to watch the shows you can find them onwww.mtv.com or on www.youtube.com.

This pic is from one of there best rounitines!!

Judges of season 6 & 7!! Lil Momma Rocks!! D-Trix to cute!! :)

8 Flavahz!!






friendship quotes 7




                                      Fantasy Art


Pirates of the Caribbean [Movies] Rock!! I love captin jack sparrow and the mermaids on the 4th movie! : )



Snow White and the Huntsman, awsome movie and book!! The Dark Queen Rocks!

"Who will you be when faced with the end?

The end of a Kingdom, The end of good men,

Will you run? Will you hide?

Or will you hunt down evil with a venomous pride?

Rise to the ashes, Rise to the winter sky,

Rise to the calling, make heard the battle cry,

Let it scream from the mountains

From the foresst to the chaple,

Because death is a hungry mouth, And you are the apple.

So who will you be when faced with the end?

When the vultures are circling, And the shadows decend.

Will you cower? Or will you fight? Is your heart made of glass?

Or a pure SNOW WHITE?"



"How do you live your life when no ones





Things That Discribe Me :)



                  Chris Hemsworth


                 Chris, Liam, and

Luke Hemsworth; Luke and chris=HOT!<3



              Hellow kitty is awsome!!





             I love Pooh Bear and Tigger!!




            Cartoon food!! TO Cute!!!

              :iconprincesssunelestia:Cutie Fruty!! :iconprincesssunelestia:

Cartoon Black eyed peas joke in a kawaii styleCartoon Katy Perry Pear joke in a kawaii styleCartoon Pink Lady Gaga apple joke in a kawaii styleCartoon banana and star fruit joke in a kawaii styleCartoon apple joke in a kawaii styleCartoon pepper comedy in a kawaii styleCartoon lemon shark comedy in a kawaii styleCartoon durian fruit joke in a kawaii styleCartoon turnips joke in a kawaii styleCartoon walnuts joke in a kawaii styleCartoon cucumber joke in a kawaii styleChickpeas comedy in a kawaii styleCartoon Rooster potato comedy in a kawaii styleOptimus Lime verses Melontron cartoon in a Kawaii style Avegers - avengers parody humorLime the MimeCartoon date and prune joke in a kawaii styleCartoon gooseberry ghoul joke in a kawaii styleCartoon broccoli joke in a kawaii styleCartoon zucchini zombies joke in a kawaii styleCartoon satsumas sumo joke in a kawaii styleCaptain Jack Marrow and the Pirates of the Carrot & bean cartoon in a Kawaii style



    Im a Harajuku Lover!!







         cat gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Baby skunks and baby kittens are

dorable!! :) So are all baby animals!!



I love the Hunger Games Books, as for the movie...Its ok.



I LOVE Rihanna!! My #1 Favorit singer and idol!








Lady GaGa is one of my favorite singers, i love her music but her style is a little odd but i gess thats what makes her her. "Monster" "You and I" and "E.T" are some of the songs that she sings[And my favorites!].




             Pon & Zi!!!


Spirit 2!


              Disney 4 ever!!!


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