Hello, I am Madara! I have had a great time on bunnyrace. The first tournament I enter, I won. Hopefully, I can be one of the best players on here! Goodbye! 

Lucky tournament

The tournament has just finished! The grand champions are:
1st Madara The player wins: trefle x 24 collier-chance x 1 boost-chance x 9 
2nd Jersey Wooly The player wins: trefle x 22 collier-chance x 1 boost-chance x 8 
3nd Lola621 The player wins: trefle x 20 collier-chance x 1 boost-chance x 7 
4nd goat girl The player wins: trefle x 16 collier-chance x 1 boost-chance x 6 
Congratulations to them, and to all our participants!
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