Thought:BUNNYS ARE AWESOME!! Don't click here! watch here! would you rather My website GoNoodle
Don't click here! uh huh what do you wantuh no... uh no#2 >.> GIVE ME MY FIGHT SONG NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Play freely like a bird! Have fun! ooh yeah learn here um so you hit the bars? Don't click me>.<these websites are fun go to these <.< 你好!!!!!人盯人vs放大  HAHAHAHAHA LOL WHO'S THAT POKEMON? ITS PIKATWO WHO'S THAT POKEMON ITSSSS PIKAVEE LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 
Hey guyz! you can call me Nax or Li Li is my last name im around 6-12
 my fav anime is pokemon! i love skatin i love aniamls i have piano class swim class ice skating class i love music i love to share im knid friendly too i like to play games im kinda lonely at my home i like to help i also watch mlp/my little pony you can see i have pokemon pickures there >>> its eevee and pikachu i have alot of bunnys none of my bunny died but its pretty hard to take care alot of them i breeded two time i can't breed i don't have a another pen its too full i speak english and chinese 你好!皮卡!thats chinese my home langrage is chinese i love swiming too my famliy speaks chinese if your the friend who's simon vinnie jennie/jenny i don't know how to spell jenny i love bunny so who do you think i am i love animals and bunny what's up if i don't like aniamls how am i playing this common if you think like that i love messages im a grade three 
(school:(highwood school) yes in that school if your in my class then im Naxi read more down there I have 25 likes right now help me get 50!
I have 50 likes now help me get 64! I have 64 likes now help me get 105!皮卡Pika plz sell grass boost for me if you have message me
guess what we got terry fox in our pen a new terry borns! its 1 years old now!
ok now its 2 years old!
this a fun game hehehhe

level 1:H36!! what is the word? message me!

level 2:2HA5? OH OK GOOOOOOOO....level 3:679 D9N'5 3V3N KN92!                still? common STOP level 4:SH() M#H N(@? HUH? OK THE INPOSSABLE not inpossable for me level 5:M^ NAM# *S Nqs* I* NOW READ message me tell me where you end up make sure you tell the words! (the other inpossable:G9E

E(N% %$6 %( R((O J3 (if you happens to beat the game you get a prize!) my e-mail you won't know anyways e-mail:(* W*!Y^&!SA::oC97 its my parent's e-mail im the young one


GUYS I JUST HAD A TRIPLE so thay all have a triple on their name so know which is the triples!


your never gonna find out who i am hehehe im NOT A BUNNY OK!

The cross though:Bunnycute1005
PinK SHeEp:oH YouR COpYinG mE!
Valours:HOW DO I FLY?
Naxi:you mean/met I belive I can fly?
Nina,sunbun,bunbun:I belive i can fly i belive i can touch the sky!
Naxi,Me:SHUT UP!
The little bunnys:touch the skys!


the little bunnys:TOUCH THE SKYS!


the little bunnys:shut up and dance with me!!
Valours:God....this is not a shut up game!
the little bunnys:This women is my desiny she said whooo shut up and dance with me!
Me/Bunnycute1005:How do i breed messge me please!
And i forgot how to level up if you know messge me!
i don't know how to add link so type yourself!
My bunnies:......................
the little ones:(mlp equestia girls)




Im soo sorry for these shut ups...

ouch this gives me a big headache

Rules:No bad messeges
Nice messges accepted
Don't try to be a bully and don't be bossy
also i love funny chats and messges!
And have FUN! i have bunnys for sale too buy them plz
Thats it for the rules new rules coming soon!



song:(angels among us) i was walking home from school in a cold winter day
took a short cut though the woods and i lost my way it was getting late and i was scard and alone but then a kind old man took my hand and led me home mama couldn't see him oh but he's standing there i knew in my heart he was the awswers to my prayers oh i believe there are angels among us send down to us from somewhere up above they come to you and me in our darkest hours to show us how to live to teach us how to give to guild us with a light of love when live held trouble times and had me down to my knees there's always been someone to come along and comfort me a kind word form a stranger to lend a helping hand a phone call from a friend just to say i understand ain't it kind of funny at the dark end of the road someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope oh i believe there are angels among us send down to us from somewhere up above they come they come to you and me in our darkest hours to show how to live to teach us how to live to gulid us with a light of love they wear so many face show up in the strangest places to grace us with their mercy in our time of need oh i believe there are angels among us they come to you and me in our darkest hours to show us how to live to teach us how to give to gulid us with a light of love, to gulid us with a light of
love.....                                  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                  remember          failure      it doesn't mean  
                                                     your                 is             your not     
                                                special forever     good       good or anything
       song:angels among us                                        your special to all of  
(search it on                                                    forever   
                                                              let the friendship remind you you are special forever

                uh we are traped


               .                 .                .

angels around us:i'll tell you the truth that im thinking
angel are around us they are here to protect us
I may not know what the future holds
but the angel are real you may not able to see them but if you believe
them the angels will be there for you i believe the god create them to protect us hope we can live forever if you die maybe you will be in heaven instead of being in hell don't think about what your path will end up with if you fall try again don't think your a good person believein them you can do it 
you got the friendship on your side too even if you don't have much to do in heaven you got a extra life your lucky being a ghost is no fun nobody can see you only you can see them but in heaven maybe you can see
someone your never alone there's angels around us don't be scared their someone here and its the angels hell is the worst you get burn down into ashes you might be luckyer then me pray and if the ones is close to you it doesn't mean they won't say anthing maybe they will say something back even their gone be thoughtful remember angels are around us they are in anywhere ones in heaven i believe someone in the heaven will ask you to take take their hand its time to join you mother father brother sister your friends and your lover time to set yourself free there's peace around the world
they come to you and me they teach you how to live they teach you how to give believe them as the sun shine shiner they guild us of the live of love

anyways you can call me Nax
Im kind,funny(LOL),friendly,honest,out going sometime too out going,party,I pretty much say yes,im kinda lazy at times i speak chinese and english i know too words in french bonjour! i don't know how to type the other here's prove of speaking chinese ni hao 你好 and also a lot of words my home langruge(i know i spelled it wrong)home langruge is chinese 早上LOL believe me if your my friend(the friends meeted in real life)you should be able to know me by the name you can call me Nax thats not my real name don't worry im not bossy not anything bad im sharing don't be a salad be a best god dam broccolia you can ever be!
Im 6 to 9 or 6 to 12

(N) VS (M) N:Me M:Friend

So M Got me this Waffle


But M ate it




N:WAFFLE!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



-----------------on the other side-------------------

So N was listening to music


AND HE TURNED IT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(u u)

AND DAWN GOT HER FRIEND'S EAR HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: (\_/)

Who won? Message me make sure you leave a like!


things to do when bored or GO NOW! Home

walk up to somone and slap them with a book and run away very slow life is a get away......

when someone is eating a food say and cry you killed larry :(

run up to someone and say are you bored? Then when they are about to say something like yes or no slap them with a book(a flat one because

it will hurt too much)

talk to a tree outside with a lot of people around 

run up to someone and say half of the word ding so it looks like your saying it but say diamond LOL XD

when someone is swiming with a buddy swim under water or if you can walk under water do it come up

when they are close like this {  +  }

the + is you XD LOL LOL the { and }

is them

when your watching a video with someone when it looks like gust 

say ____ used gust!

when someone is saying half of a word take the rest you can do any word like this marry:h me:i LOL funny right?

slap someone with a hair of mess and with PJs on makesure its moring LOL XD (my own song):Makin/bakin my way downtown with a mess LOL your gonna make me a samwhich/sam/meat

walk up to someone then say lol and slap them LOL                                                                                                                                                                                              go up to someone and say i like trains then give him/her the train and run away

go up to someone and say:Are you an agent? if they say yes then say then what nese are you like japenese chinese and you know....... hahahahahahaha WHAT ARE THOSE!

 |)_|)                                              Im 6-9 years old
 |   >| Me pointing at someone

                                                    would you rather point at someone and get                                                       $100$ but be grounded for a week or get 
                                                            two flu shot and never get grounded                                                                               (message me please)                                                
(- _-)
 |    | ...Me stairing?

 (\_(\ |
 (0 0)|
  \>>\|  Me peeking behind a door

 |<<| Me dancing                        would you rather eat your favourite food and 
                                             never be able to pick your favourite clothing or
                                               pick your favourite clothing and never be able
                                            to eat your favourite food (message me please)

 |><| Me being cold

  \  | PinK SHeP hERe          i like singing i 
                                                               like dancing i 
                                                                                   like trains
                                                                                              (train sound)                     

 |>>| PIKACHU Me trying to be pikachu from pokemon
Whats the mistake?
NONONONON0NONONON0NONO you sould find two 

Whats is the mistake 1234567890978654321
1234567890987654231 find both

my fav pony is flutter shy,twilght/twi/twily,rainbow DASH,Sunshine shimer i also call her sunshine or sunshine shim

And I also have thing for sell plz buy! if you have bunnys for sell plz put it in low prize then message me and i'll buy it
there's other stuffs too! 
also CHECK MY BUNNY IF YOU KNOW POKEMON THERE"S ASH FROM PALENT TOWN!!!!!!!!! try to read this 你好 这很好玩(chinese)
Hope you like before you leave!
hope you friend me i do accept some ramdoom friend requests!
bun on!

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Pikachu皮卡 feminin

Speed: 98 -3 / 98,33
Acceleration: 95 +4 / 95,88
Stamina 98 -1 / 98,62
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Specklefur masculin objet/magie/pigmentalo.png

Speed: 63 +5 / 63,49
Acceleration: 70 +11 / 70,67
Stamina 92 +7 / 92,33
etoileetoileetoile plusplus

school of ROCK! feminin

school of ROCK!
Speed: 108 +1 / 108,93
Acceleration: 84 / 84,55
Stamina 88 / 88,16
etoile-bleu demi-moins

李先华 masculin

Speed: 93 -1 / 93,19
Acceleration: 96 +1 / 96,22
Stamina 92 / 92,77
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Twilghtlishes feminin

Speed: 53 +2 / 63,95
Acceleration: 74 -1 / 74,90
Stamina 50 +2 / 95,28
etoileetoileetoile moinsdemi-moins

Naxi 李娜希 feminin

Naxi 李娜希
Speed: 32 +1 / 32,00
Acceleration: 24 -1 / 24,00
Stamina 27 / 27,00
etoileetoile demi-plus

triples(specky) masculin

Speed: 16 -1 / 66,34
Acceleration: 15 +1 / 79,87
Stamina 15 / 97,05

triples (mary) feminin

triples (mary)
Speed: 24 / 68,36
Acceleration: 39 / 78,51
Stamina 15 +3 / 98,86

triples (Lommy) masculin

triples (Lommy)
Speed: 24 -1 / 67,82
Acceleration: 39 +1 / 79,00
Stamina 15 / 96,98
etoileetoile moins

Baby masculin

Speed: 0 / 98,73
Acceleration: 0 / 99,44
Stamina 0 / 96,60

Baby masculin

Speed: 0 / 97,55
Acceleration: 0 / 97,64
Stamina 0 / 97,62

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Kevin masculin

Speed: 35 / 35,11
Acceleration: 42 / 42,00
Stamina 30 / 30,77
etoileetoileetoile moins

林惠卿 feminin

Speed: 66 -1 / 66,93
Acceleration: 68 +2 / 68,10
Stamina 95 / 95,03
etoile-bleu moinsmoinsmoins

Marrooni masculin

Speed: 60 / 60,68
Acceleration: 75 / 75,01
Stamina 93 / 93,29

Burn MY Hairia masculin

Burn MY Hairia
Speed: 92 -1 / 92,22
Acceleration: 93 +1 / 93,59
Stamina 91 / 91,93
etoile-bleu moinsmoins

Terry fox masculin

Terry fox
Speed: 100 -1 / 100,19
Acceleration: 102 +1 / 102,82
Stamina 76 / 76,18
etoile-bleu moins

Kristia feminin

Speed: 33 -1 / 33,00
Acceleration: 23 +1 / 23,00
Stamina 27 / 27,00
etoileetoile plus

Cristy masculin

Speed: 16 / 41,31
Acceleration: 14 / 38,48
Stamina 14 / 38,36
etoile demi-moins

Valours masculin

Speed: 32 / 32,00
Acceleration: 24 / 24,00
Stamina 27 / 27,00
etoileetoile demi-plus

苏励汉 masculin

Speed: 22 +1 / 40,13
Acceleration: 20 -1 / 30,34
Stamina 20 / 33,72
etoile demi-plus

I can fly feminin

I can fly
Speed: 33 -6 / 43,82
Acceleration: 25 +7 / 38,29
Stamina 27 -2 / 30,91
etoileetoile plus

shining sun masculin

shining sun
Speed: 6 +1 / 43,74
Acceleration: 6 / 41,84
Stamina 6 / 30,35

Corky masculin

Speed: 10 / 43,73
Acceleration: 10 / 39,54
Stamina 10 / 33,72

Nason masculin

Speed: 28 / 28,23
Acceleration: 23 / 38,97
Stamina 29 / 37,21

What nese are u masculin

What nese are u
Speed: 42 -1 / 42,72
Acceleration: 51 +2 / 51,28
Stamina 41 / 41,05
etoile plus

Linia feminin

Speed: 37 -1 / 37,45
Acceleration: 20 +1 / 37,94
Stamina 20 / 41,79
etoile plusplusplus

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