Update 2.154

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July 4

Update 2.154

Update 2.154 will take place on Wednesday, July 10th. This update is partially dedicated to park bonuses and our new event. As usual, a short server interruption is possible.

Here are the changes brought by this update:

New Features:

  • 🎁: Happy Birthday! As announced a few weeks ago, Mr. Turtle will now give you a small reward on your birthday. Make sure to set your birthdate correctly in your profile, as it will no longer be modifiable after the update without a moderator's intervention.

  • It's Over 🕧: From now on, your expired park bonuses will automatically send you a notification so you can reactivate them as soon as possible! (This will only work with bonuses activated after the update) ideaPlayer's Idea

  • Changed My Mind 🚮: Don't want that park bonus anymore? You will now be able to delete activated bonuses. Be careful, they will remain used and do not return to your inventory! ideaPlayer's Idea


  • All at Once: To prevent Mr. Turtle from getting lost in your parks (or you), we have improved the ergonomics of park bonuses. From now on, they will no longer be displayed directly in your park, but above it. With a single mouse click, you can delete them or check their remaining time.

Park Bonus Display


  • This update also contains the necessary elements for our new event coming very soon! 🤸

That's all, for now!

See you soon!
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July 10
The update has been deployed!
Today, at 2:49pm
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