Update 2.150

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April 14

Update 2.150

The update 2.150 will take place on Wednesday, April 17th. As usual, a short server interruption is possible.

Here are the changes brought by this update:


  • Power Boost 💪: On April 3rd, we performed physical maintenance on the game servers. We invested in higher-performance servers with the aim of reducing latency issues, especially in CvC. After several days, many players have noticed positive effects. We continue to constantly analyze data to offer you an ever more enjoyable gaming experience.

  • What a Score 💪: Following several requests, the overall ranking of CvC will remain accessible until its reset at the end of the session.

Bug Fixes:

  • It's Moving 😅: An unwanted window movement could occur when selling items/rabbits. We have fixed the issue.

  • Too Long 🕧: A series of Lucky Days was too long and displayed an 8th day that was impossible to claim. This should no longer occur.

  • CvC: A display issue with gem purchases caused a misinterpretation of the final gem amount for each purchase. We have clarified the display.

In parallel, we continue to develop a new event, and we continue to work on upcoming changes to the game universe in the coming months, as well as a permanent addition to CvC.

That's all, for now!

See you soon!
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