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April 25

10 new rabbit breeds have just been released! These breeds can be obtained through crosses between the original rabbits.

Here is the list of these new breeds:

Pandours → Panda and Angora
Panda sablé → Panda and lop-eared
Panda Feu → Panda and original
Nain rex → Dwarf and original
Nain Renard → Dwarf and angora
Nain Cendré → Dwarf and Panda
Mini-lop → Dwarf and lop-eared
Lop → Original and Lop-eared
Bélier Teddy → Angora and lop-eared
Angora satin → Angora and original

We hope that this novelty will make you happy!
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April 25
Ryu niveau/12 facteur
Also, among the new features:
the Ice-cream Masco bonus goes from +4 on all skills to +30
the max space in the conservatory goes from 270 to 480

You cannot breed 1 of the 5 first races with 1 of the 10 new breeds
You can only breed the new breeds with their own race, for exemple you cannot breed Pandours with Nain rex but only with another Pandours.
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May 19
So cool! Is it possible to make lineages with these breeds?
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May 20
No, it not possible yet smiley/dents.png
Today, at 1:46am
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