Ingredient pack glitch?

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chat Ingredient pack glitch?
by Silver february 2020

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February 2020
I used a pack of ingredients for the blacksmith craft but when it gave me my rewards there was one missing?
This is what it said:

Congratulations! Here what you won:
objet/inutile/saphir.png Sapphire x 4
objet/inutile/perle.png Pearl x 6
objet/inutile/tuyau.png Pipe x 20
objet/.png x 0

As you can see the last item is missing? And there was no image to go with it
I'm not particularly upset or anything, I just thought I should probably report it so it can be fixed
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February 2020

if you can next make a screen please and send it to me, unfortunately I can't know what it was.
Today, at 12:03am
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