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chat I will sponsor your Coloramas
by Archangel june 28

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June 28
When I originally joined BunnyRace it was because I wished to create Coloramas for many people to use. Sadly BunnyRace lost many players, and many Coloramas aren't used/created anymore.
When the time comes I will leave the site just as everyone else did.
Yet, now I have many rubies, and I would like to help the creative with Coloramas that they have made themselves but can't afford to upload.

Feel free to share them with me in a Message or on the forum. I will not sponsor any Colorama that is simply a color change, or one that is also on Lapino.fr. This is an opportunity that specifically focuses on people with fewer than 10,000 coins, but anyone with a design may apply. If your design is accepted by me, I will find a way to give you my rubies.

If I need to make anything else clear, I will. Please ask questions.

Thank you,
The Archangel
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July 3
I'd love to try, thanks for this offer!
Today, at 10:59am
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