How do I get my bunnies energy up?

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ok How do I get my bunnies energy up?
by Hoppy march 2024

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March 2024
I am new here. Could someone help me please?
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March 2024
Hello, first of all, let me tell you that we are honored to welcome you to the game. Regarding your question, there are several hypotheses to consider regarding your bunny's energy recovery. First, your bunny's energy is automatically restored throughout the day. Next, if you need immediate energy for your bunny, you can restore a small portion of its energy by feeding it or giving it a shower. Finally, you can use energy potions (which are red).

If you have any further questions during your gameplay, or if you need any assistance whatsoever, feel free to contact me directly via private message, repost a topic on the forum, or, perhaps the most autonomous way for you to get information, check out the "Help" section accessible via the following link:

Once again, welcome to BunnyRace, and I wish you a pleasant day.
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