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by Help. december 3

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December 3
So I've noticed that the only way to get space stones so far on Bunnyrace is to win snowball fights, but on Lapino they also have explorations to the 'planet' that gets them many more stones in a shorter amount of time. I'm mostly concerned that none of us will be able to achieve the new special bunny because of how slow it is to collect snowflakes and the amount we win during snowball fights and also what the exploration tab says on the home page. --

There is no exploration coming in the next few hours, rest.
Last exploration: Never

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I understand Bunnyrace isn't as active as Lapino, but I do also believe it should get the same amount of attention. I've spent a lot of time and money on BR and I'd like to have it have the same activities and be as interactive as Lapino because otherwise, I've just wasted my time AND my money. /:
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December 5
Ryu niveau/12 facteur
Agreed. We should have those explorations as well.

I believe that we should have one more moderator, one that would be more active and who logs in almost everyday, even if it's just to check that there is always a tournament scheduled, to get topics validated and to make an exploration every now and then.
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December 6
I'm guessing they'll lower the count of stones needed or down the line add more events.
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December 7
Hi !
Yes, I made the same observation, the lapino is more active.
We have one exploration a week and there are a lot of challenges during the series of missions... Since my arrival on br, I don't remember having seen a single series of missions, I don't find that just for the players
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December 12
account deleted niveau/2 facteur
Why can’t magic bunnies reproduce
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December 13
Iloveangoras!!! Why can’t magic bunnies reproduce

Hello iloveangoras,
Simply because these rabbits must remain rare and if they could reproduce, they wouldn't be any more and finally lose their values...
Moreover, for many magic rabbits, their effects aren't cumulative.
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December 15
account deleted niveau/2 facteur
Oh ok
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December 28
Thanks to the moderators for the explorations smiley/fiere.png
Is it possible to slightly reduce the amount of merchandises to donate ? On Bunnyrace, active players are fewer than on Lapino and it’s really difficult to complet the loading of the explorations.
Thank you very much smiley/dents.png
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December 29
How to do a crying emoji
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January 1
What is a conquest and how to get in
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