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by alantheo february 19

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February 19


Winter event

Save your penguin from the melting ice and win the new Polaris Bunny!

How it works ?

The principle

The principle of the event is very simple: Build kayaks to send your penguin to collect kilos of snow. Cut those kilos of snow into blocks of ice to build an igloo to protect your penguin. Watch out for wild animals and melting ice, they are your worst enemies for this event.

Build kayaks

Make your rabbits run, take part in lotto and tournaments to collect as much material as possible. Then go to your penguin's workshop to build kayaks. There are two types of kayaks available and their use depends on the trip you choose.

Traveling on the ice floe

Once you have your kayaks, choose the trip you prefer. There is no travel limit per day: the only limit is your number of kayaks remaining. A basic kayak can travel only on the first trip, and only once. The pro kayak allows you to travel on the two longest trips, and can do 2 round trips. Your penguin will bring back kilos of snow for each trip.

Protect your kilos of snow

Every night, wild animals can destroy your pounds of snow. They don't come every night, but it is essential to activate protection every day, throwing fish into the water to deter wild animals. Depending on the level of protection chosen, you will lose a different amount of kilos of snow.


Go fishing to get as many fish as possible. You have 2 minutes a day to get the best specimens out of the bowels of the ice floe. If you are unlucky .. you might come across stale apples!

Cut your blocks of ice

Once you have kilos of snow, cut them into blocks of ice with the SNO machine. Blocks of ice cannot be destroyed by animals, but they can melt. There is nothing you can do about the melting ice.

Building the igloo

Reach the 500 ice blocks needed to build the igloo. Once it's built, your mission isn't complete: keep it as it is until the event ends: March 20 at 11:59 p.m. Your blocks of ice can melt every night, remember.


Keep your built igloo until the end of the event and win the new Polaris bunny. Polaris is Frozen's little brother. The colder it is, the stronger it will be .. and in addition it launches great ice traps.

The entire Bunnyrace team hopes you will enjoy playing this new event!

Good luck!

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