Dark rabbit

ecusson 110

couronne Jersey Wooly and 10 members
trouvaille Finds
genetique Genetics
medaille Medals
totem Totems
jardin Garden


Welcome to the Dark Rabbit Clan!

We are here to have fun and to win! We are looking for new members who will regularly collect fruit, harvest plants, compete in tournaments when able, and run races!

We typically get the great gift but NOT the divine gift.

Players who are inactive for an extended period of time risk being removed. However, I understand that we all have lives outside of the game so if you need a break for a bit just let me know and you can remain in the clan!

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the chat so we can work together and get to know each other as well!
Signed: Jersey Wooly couronne

Clan's diary

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All clan members

niveau/12 Nanabozo since may 2019
niveau/12 kaedyn03 since june 2019
niveau/12 pinpin since december 2019
niveau/10 Jersey Wooly since december 2019
niveau/12 Silver since january 2020
niveau/12 Reaper since february 2020
niveau/9 DemonAscended since october 2020
niveau/5 fox since january 2021
niveau/9 Meme since february 28
niveau/8 Ladybug since march 28
niveau/6 Team Rocket since march 28