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No points currently. The game phase lasts from the 1st to the 25th.


Hello all! smiley/fiere.png

I'm looking to help this clan grow as much as possible!

Gardening: always have seeds planted! I can help by selling seeds, manure, or tools, like turbo watering cans and golden spades.

Race every day! There are plenty of nice bunnies in the pet store, and clan members are happy to help too.

I'm working on breeding lineages. If you have supplies such as capsules and training/experience potions, please let me know! I can sell bunnies of my own if anyone would like.

We will all work together for tournaments as well! I am happy to sell equipment and items, and I hope everyone joins tournaments when they can. I will make announcements!

Most importantly, have fun and help your fellow clan members!

Thanks to everyone!

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