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A little pit bull…
My mother…
I saw killed…

In a dog fight…
But when she died..
They didn't seem to care
They shouted
And called her bad words…
I watched my mommy die.
I was held back.
I couldn't fight them.
I couldn't do my instincts.
I was scared.
They kicked my mommy.
And punched her in the
then they came to me…
Some one save me!
But no one did….
People stared at me.
Then they took me and my littermates.
The slammed us in a box,
We whined,
and cuddled together.
I just wanted to be shot…
I prayed.
And prayed.
Just to be shot peacefully.
Not to be abused.
Like my mommy.
Before she fought…
She was hurt and cut by them…
I didn’t want to watch…
but they made me.
Flash backs flashed threw my mind like lightning.
The box was thrown on the ground.
With all us in it.
My sister broke her paw.
A rock came threw and poked a hole in my stomach.
My blood spilled on my litter mates..
“I'm sorry..” I said to my sisters and brothers.
They took my sister out first.
They threw her on bricks.
Again they made me watch.
I cried…
…And cried.
I pleaded for this to stop.
But did they?
It just got worse….
They cut my sister…
She was still alive.
She was waiting to die.
They found a water fall.
And threw her off a bridge.
I heard her cries.
I heard the splash.
Next was me…
“Oh why” I shouted.
And they cut me.
Broke my leg.
Cut off my ear.
They got me the worst.
I wanted my littermates to not watch..
But they were forced.
They grabbed me by the tail..
Oh god please…
And threw me on a metal bar.
I was 99% dead.
Then they threw me…
…Out to the water fall.
As my vision fainted.
I saw my sister.
Bloody, and in the water.
I swam.
And hugged her.
While we both…
Died together.
Stop this animal abuse.
once and for all….
Put that on your page if you think its sad
It is so sad!!! Pit bulls aren't bad so why do they get abused? 


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