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What I have to say about pitbulls...

Stop posting on your pages "save the pitbulls". Pitbulls are like many other dogs. They were breed to fight, so it has been passed down from generation from generation. Pitbulls don't need to be saved. Pitbulls are not necassarily mean dogs. They just have a different dimeanor than most. They are just like any other dog. It is like saying that no other dog in the world needs saving. Although they do have a different dimeanor, they are just like any other dog. Pitbulls can be viscious, but so can labs and miniature schnauzers. People dont hurt pitbulls. In fact, who would? Pitbulls have a different personallity. This is what I have to say about pitbulls to summarize it: Face it, pitbulls are mean. A portion of them are. They sould be sweet or viscious. The stupid thing is you are all posting on your pages "Save the pitbulls". Why just pitbulls? Many other dogs arelike pitbulls. Pitbulls were breed to fight so naturally that gene was passed down. Face it people. WHY YOU CAN TRUST ME: I show dogs at county and state fair. I also am in dog knowledge bowl.By TheHabbitGuinea Please copy and post. This is the true explanation.           


This is what good friends do:

(. _.)
(>#<)< So I got u this waffle

(>#<)< But then I was like, this waffle be looking mighty fine

(^ . ^)
(> >) < So I ate the waffle

(- . -)
(U U) < But I felt guilty

( ^.^ )
(>o<)< Then I got you a cookie

(* . *)
(>o<)< But it looked good too...

(>o<)< You won't mind...

(^ . ^)
(U U) < So I ate it :D

Don't follow my tracks...
I run into walls.

The person you said was skinny? He has

no parents, house, money, or food to eat.

That boy you laughed at? He's sad, for his

brothers and sisters died.The girl you just

called fat? She's overdosing on diet pills.

The girl you just called ugly? Spends hours

putting on makeup, hoping people will like

her. See that man with the ugly scars? He

fought for his country. The boy you just

tripped, he is abused enough at home. The

grown man you made fun of for crying, his

Mom is dying.

Seeing people bullying is horrible. Instead,

step up. Don't be a bully. If you see

someone being a bully tell an adult asap

because being a bully could hurt someone.

PLEASE!!!! Copy this onto your own

profile if YOU are against bullying.

95% will probably not copy it, but

people with a HEART will.

-Sonic the Hedge

     I'm Enraptured by your TaleSweet Dunk, Mouse Fennec Kit Kisses We're Pretty Sure We Heard You Say ItOh God, It's Touching Me!When did THAT Happen?!  

please copy the above!!!!!!

Oh No! Not the tickle monster!!!
I shall live for my bunny forever. started by lovebunny21


amazing right
stare at the black dot and all the colors will go away!!


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