Hey, I'm Brownie4882-

I usually have something to sell, whether it's it's food, energy drinks, or bunnies, so look for them.

Tidbits about meself-


Song- Another World, One Direction

Food- Spaghetti

Band- One Direction(Yeah, I like them. Got a problem?)

Color- Silver

Series- Harry Potter

Dislikes of the Brownie..

Haters/hate mail

People who beg for items(haven't seen any, but most websites have them)

So, there's one last thing..

Announcements/Daily Update(unless I'm on a trip.)-

I will be on a trip for the next two weeks, starting on Thursday.

This here is One Direction. I have One Direction Perfection Infection. :D


My two oldest bunnies died.)': I don't even know

why, either.My sister said my other bunnies made a

plot to murder it. I was like, "Okay..?" Yeah. I'ma

race my Little Red real quick. Wait.


Now I'm back. I also like Justin Bieber's music. But

his songs, if they're stuck in your head, it's very

annoying. Like Baby, for instance. In my head, my

brain was going "Baby, baby, baby, ohhh.." over

and over again. Over again, get it? :D Name of a

1D song, yeah? Okay, no then. Well, see you guys 

in two weeks!


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