Hi I hope you are okay me yes I also hope that
you have a good time on the rabbit and if you like my
card do not forget to meter a heart

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I will start with a small presentation.

My name is Hermione53 and yes sorry you will not have my real ones
last name . Otherwise I am 10 years old and I am in cm2. I have two sisters

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Mes centres d'intéret.

I practice sports gymnastics and judo. I like to read in particular
the Welcome to Loud book series. I like animals especially cats, playing outside, playing playmobil and the console.
                                Gifs Animés Judo ~ Gifmania                                

Ce que je vends .

2 chromosome capsules for 179 pieces.

And a very strong rabbit with Jordan stone pigmentalo and golden clover and he has 1192 experience at 4 rubies

(all my rabbits and everything that I sell in my display is at a mini price)

Do not hesitate to go for a walk to the pet store, on my display and at auction

                              You see the girl you come from
to treat fat? She did
overdose of pills
weight loss. The girl you
just dealt with ugly? It
spend hours getting together
 makeup in front of the mirror
 hoping that people
 love it. The boy you
 just dropped? It is
 abused at home. You see
 the man with the scars? He
 fought for his country. The
guy you just laughed at
 because he's crying? His mother
 is dying.

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 At 3 years old: "Mum, I love you"
 At 10 years old: "Mum, anything"
 At 16: "Oh my god, my mother is getting on my nerves"
 At 18: "I want to leave this house"
 At 25: "Mom, you were right"
At 30: "I want to go back to my mother"
At 50: "I don't want to lose my mother"
At 70: "I would give anything for my mother to be there
  We have a MOTHER and if you like it post it on your profile

Ce dont j'ai besoin . 

◾ magic bunnies (chocolate bunny, frozen mascot, magic tiger night ....)
◾ any trade ingredient
◾ dynamite
◾ companion
◾ magic manure
Mint seeds
◾ and unique necklace

tell me in private message if you sell some or if you can sell me.

We, the girls :
we run around the house when we brush our teeth,
we read the shampoo instructions in the shower,
we laugh at our jokes before having told them,
you can reread a sentence 10x without having understood it,
we often say "what?" despite we understood everything,
we hate when the wind blows through our hair,
we look 10x in our fridge without eating anything,
we have to call our cell phone to find him,
you can look at a clock without even knowing what time it is,
we turn over our cushions to have the cold side,
when we go to bed we count how many hours we have left to sleep.
Copy that on your file if you recognize yourself!
Mon futur compagnon de fortune

I answer all the mp I read them and I even answer this du
kind (cc) my with a minimum of politeness.

And I focus all requests for a friend.
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Bonne journée

compagnon et m'aiter plein de j'aime  


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