Hi, welcome to my page! I’m BunnyMaster17!

I am currently clearing out this account, so please buy my bunnies, thank you very much!

My other accounts are BunnyMaster and BunnyMaster1737. I play mostly on BunnyMaster, so if you have any questions or would like to buy something, message me on that account instead.

If you have any questions, you can message me at BunnyMaster, since I'm more active on that account. 

I believe in selling bunnies at low price to lower level players/new players in case they have difficulty completing one of the quests. If you are one of these players or just need help, message me and I'll try my best to help you out!

Thank you for reading my profile! Have a great day!

BunnyMaster17 niveau/5

398nd with 619 points

piece-petit 1 074 coins

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Registered march 11 2018

Last connection december 30 2018

forgeron Blacksmith 3 alchimiste Alchemist 3
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ecusson 2 clan wins
experience 205 trophy points

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M-513.72 Lop-eared 513,72 (69,01%)

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M-513.72 masculin

Speed: 145 -2 / 145,74
Acceleration: 200 +3 / 200,20
Stamina 167 / 167,78

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Speed: 90 -8 / 90,32
Acceleration: 105 +10 / 105,14
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