Carnival of Colors - June 14

Carnival of Colors

Take part in the Carnival of Colors, a festive tournament where your rabbits compete in beauty, costume and creativity contests. Dress them in bright outfits and unique accessories. Collect and display colorful objects. Show off their style and artistic flair in themed competitions to win fabulous prizes.

▶ Requierements

☑ Magic bunnies forbidden

☑ Colorama forbidden

☑ Green, blue, rose or orange bunnies

Let your rabbits shine!

Registration: piece-petit 8 coins
Group: etoile-bleu
Participants: 17
Rewards: view rewards
Qualification: 1st and 2nd
You: You aren't registered yet
Start: tournament finished


Every five minutes, a new tournament race is organized
The races on the waiting list are run, and the following tournaments are prepared.