Time Adventurers - June 11

Time Adventurers

Take your rabbits on a journey through historical eras, each round transporting you to a different period with unique challenges.

Start in Prehistory, where your rabbits will have to hunt, gather resources and build primitive shelters to survive. Then plunge into Ancient Egypt, where they'll build impressive monuments and solve puzzles by deciphering hieroglyphics. Then it's on to the Middle Ages, with castles and knights. Your rabbits will take part in tournaments and protect the kingdom against invaders. The Renaissance follows, a period of art and discovery, where they create masterpieces and explore new lands.

Prepare your rabbits with historical costumes and adapt their skills to each era. Earn unique artifacts, honorary titles and epic medals. 

▶ Requierements

☑ Magic bunnies forbidden

      Good luck!

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