The Rabbit Olympics - June 5

The Rabbit Olympics

Immerse yourself in the dynamic and exciting world of the Rabbit Olympics, an epic tournament where your rabbits will demonstrate their talents and agility in a series of captivating sporting events. Get ready to train your champions and watch them shine in friendly, stimulating competition. Here's what awaits you in this great event:

On the program: Speed Races, Obstacle Jumps, Endurance Competitions, Marathon, High Jump and Long Jump Competitions, Relay Events..

▶ Requierements

☑ Magic bunnies forbidden

☑ Speed >350

Take part in the Rabbit Olympics and experience the excitement of an extraordinary sporting tournament.


May the best rabbit win!

Registration: piece-petit 10 coins
Group: etoile-bleuetoile-bleu
Participants: 13
Rewards: view rewards
Qualification: 1st and 2nd
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Start: tournament finished


Every five minutes, a new tournament race is organized
The races on the waiting list are run, and the following tournaments are prepared.