The magic of the sky: Rainbows - April 8

The magic of the sky: Rainbows

This natural phenomenon occurs in the atmosphere when sunlight interacts with suspended water droplets, creating a colorful spectrum.

Inspired by this palette of colors, Mr. Tortue came up with the idea of organizing the Rainbow Tournament, the first in a series of magical events to be observed in the sky!

▶ Requierements

☑ A redorangeyellowgreen or blue bunny

☑ Forbidden to magic bunnies

☑ Forbidden to pigmentalos

Good luck everyone!

Registration: piece-petit 9 coins
Group: etoile-bleu
Participants: 17
Rewards: view rewards
Qualification: 1st and 2nd
You: You aren't registered yet
Start: tournament finished


Every five minutes, a new tournament race is organized
The races on the waiting list are run, and the following tournaments are prepared.