The hunt is on - November 14

The hunt is on

Hello everyone!

It's a thrilling tournament that pits your rabbits against the hunter, a true master in the art of making traps.

Participating rabbits must compete with the hunter by avoiding his traps while reaching an objective, such as the finish line.

Only, your rabbits will have to wear a damaged necklace (broken by the blast of a trapped maid).

▶ Requierements

☑ Forbidden to magic bunnies

☑ A damaged necklace


Good luck all!



Registration: piece-petit 8 coins
Group: etoile-rouge
Participants: 16
Rewards: view rewards
Qualification: 1st and 2nd
You: You aren't registered yet
Start: tournament finished


Every five minutes, a new tournament race is organized
The races on the waiting list are run, and the following tournaments are prepared.