Back to school - September 15 2023

BunnyRace wishes you all the best for the new school year. Some of you have already gone back to school, others may still be on vacation, but one thing's for sure: your rabbits are going back to school now!

To give your rabbits time to recover from their long vacations, we're proposing a tournament to be held in League 1

Of course, your rabbits will still have to work a little, which is why they'll have to wear an apprentice's necklace.


We wish you all a safe journey back to school.


Equipment : Apprentice Necklace


Open to all rabbits except magic.


Registration: piece-petit 9 coins
Group: etoile
Participants: 13
Rewards: view rewards
Qualification: 1st and 2nd
You: You aren't registered yet
Start: tournament finished


Every five minutes, a new tournament race is organized
The races on the waiting list are run, and the following tournaments are prepared.