Aesthetic's lineage

The lineages allow breeders to give a name to their work. So they retain all glory even if bunnies are sold.

Just reproduce two bunnies from the same lineage to get babies of this lineage.
If a bunny from a lineage reproduce with another that is not of the same lineage, babies will not have any lineage and there potentials will have a significant penalty.
lapin/angora/lapin-jaune.png Aesthetic I Angora Potential: 635.31 (97,42%) Population: 400 bunnies Started september 2017 crayon
lapin/panda/lapin-gris.png Aesthetic III Panda Potential: 600.31 (94,93%) Population: 81 bunnies Started june 2018 crayon
lapin/belier/lapin-rose.png Aesthetic II Lop-eared Potential: 597.65 (92,61%) Population: 97 bunnies Started april 2018 crayon
lapin/nain/lapin-bleu.png Aesthetic IV Dwarf Potential: 546.39 (85,87%) Population: 39 bunnies Started july 2018 crayon
lapin/original/lapin-orange.png Aesthetic V Original Potential: 542.65 (86,01%) Population: 42 bunnies Started july 2018 crayon
lapin/angora/lapin-rose.png Angoras Angora Potential: 166.79 (25,57%) Population: 6 bunnies Started march 2016 crayon