I am adoptiontree! I like talking! XD call me weird who cares I AM WEIRD!!! I am like a candy cane, sweet, but easy to brake. lalalalalalalaLALALALALALA
LALALALALA! I have lots of animals, If you have problems with your animal message me! I love animals! XD My nickname is popcorn! Any bunnies with a hashtag (#) at the end of it's name is for sale, ask me for the price of it (I am a little touchy on my bunnies and I have little coins anyways)


As you should know I make free avatars! FREE avatars just how you want them! I will not say the website I use for making those awesome avatars! My favorite poke'mon has to be... UMBREON!! I love all the colors, but my favorite is YELLOW! I love Bunnyrace.com! It is awesome! Please do not add me till we talk a while, Like my page please!I LIKE POPCORN AND UNICORNS (lol)

 Also since it is almost Valentines day, I think we should send each other text cards, like real Valentines cards! Won't that be fun? If you want to get into this card thing talk to me! Also, to bring in the new clan time Show your spirit of your clan on the clan post chat on your clans page! Talk about how your clan is awesome in all the ways!I kill popcorn with my teeth! Teeth are the ultimate weapon!! I am so sad th
is I am SILLY! 0.o Best song ever I can't stop listening to it:

Taylor Swift - State of Grace [Acoustic] (Lyrics On Screen)


We all have a chance to fly away from fears, Everyone has a chance to! Jesus died on the cross for us, why not love and care for him? Not many people know of Jesus, We all should, because someday He will come back to earth and take all that who beileve in Him, up to Heaven right away. Think about it. Best prayers and wishes,




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  Me and Greyeyes!

Miley Cyrus - True Friend song

Me and eeveegirl!

Best Friends Forever (The BFF Song

Me and Alice12433
Me and horsecrazy2001!

Find out who your friends are - Tracy Lawrence - Lyrics

Me and ~flower~

Song for Friends



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