Los Bandidos

ecusson 15

couronne Aesthetic and 9 members
trouvaille Finds
genetique Genetics
medaille Medals
totem Totems
jardin Garden


Clan Rules:

# Make friends with and be nice to your fellow clan members.

# Participate in as many races as you can to collect finds.

# Breed on the 29th (or 30th if it's a 31-day month) so that bunnies are born the first --- this gives us a bump on genetics smiley/dents.png

# Participate in as many tournaments as you can!

# Be active, at least 4 days a week (preferably more) or let me know if you don't be able to get online.

# Collect fruits and tend to your gardens. If you need seeds, Don't be afraid to ask!

# Do NOT purchase the great or divine gift unless there are enough fruits to use it immediately after.

I hope this will be a good experience for each of us and that we do well and succeed together!

- Bennie
Signed: Aesthetic couronne

Clan's diary

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niveau/12 Aesthetic since october 2018
niveau/9 Regina since october 2018
niveau/7 Rosellia since october 2018
niveau/7 Aventura since october 2018
niveau/8 Jlou16 since october 2018
niveau/10 heathercj since october 2018
niveau/6 deerPropaganda since october 2018
niveau/6 Help. since october 2018
niveau/8 -DemiL- since december 2018
niveau/7 crystalflakes since december 2018