Should i make a lineage?

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ok Should i make a lineage?
by Spira august 2018

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August 2018
What are the benefits to making a lineage? Would it be a good idea to make one? And do I have to make a different one for each breed of bunny?
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August 2018
The benefit in making a lineage is that if you breed your lineage to the number one spot you get 3 rubies, 2 for second, and one for 3rd. And if you sell your lineage in the market and someone starts breeding them you would still get the rubies since it is technically your lineage. And yes, you do have to make a different lineage for each breed.
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August 2018
its a lot of money, (talking thousands of coins) and something i wish i'd known before i started a lineage is that you can't choose what bunnies to make the lineages, the game gives you two new low potential bunnies.
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