Bunnies of Awesomeness

ecusson 118

couronne SkyShaymin and 8 members
trouvaille Finds
genetique Genetics
medaille Medals
totem Totems
jardin Garden


You must follow these rules to stay in this clan:

1. If you want to join this clan, you HAVE to work. You can't join a clan if you plan on being gone for the month. It's not fair for the other people who work hard.

2. Do as many races as you can, try to do six

3. Always check the tournaments to see if you can join, if so, join.

4. Gather 3-5 fruits a day.

5. Breed two pairs of bunnies (At least) each month. Try to do more.

6. Chat on the clan form so I know your active.

7. Do NOT at all costs, unlock the great or divine gift.

8. Only lvl 4 and up can join this clan.

If you are going to be gone, just tell me and you will not have to worry about the rules.

Thanks, and have a great time here!
Signed: SkyShaymin couronne

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All clan members

niveau/9 SkyShaymin since october 2015
niveau/9 Jersey Wooly since august 2017
niveau/7 Spira since may 2018
niveau/9 I believe 10 since september 2018
niveau/8 MorrisLover123 since december 2018
niveau/7 Koko since january 2019
niveau/7 crystalflakes since july 2019
niveau/8 Lilipop2005 since july 2019
niveau/6 Rhydian#~ since july 2019